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George Rahi (b. 1987) is a composer, performer, and installation artist based in Vancouver. He uses self-created & altered instruments as a method of exploring the perceptual relationships between sound, space, and listener. Interested in devising new sonic interfaces which unite the tactile, mechanical, and sculptural realms of sound, his work has broadly spanned large-scale works for pipe organ & gamelan, electro-acoustic composition, multi-channel speaker installations, and works for radio, theatre, and public spaces, notably for the Canadian Music Centre, Western Front, SPEKTRUM (Berlin), Jogjakarta Noise Festival, Global Composition (Darmstadt), Vancouver New Music, and Insitu Recordings (Indonesia). He holds an MFA degree from Simon Fraser’s School for the Contemporary Arts and is the recipient of various awards including the 2018 R. Murray Schafer Soundscape award for his work in sound installation and research awards from the Glenfraser Endowment for Acoustic Communication and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.


05/25/2019   Performance at Regenerative Feedback WORM, Rotterdam

04/21/2019   Sound Installation at Fusebox Festival, Austin

01/27/2019   Performance at Jogjakarta Noise Festival

11/24/2018   Artist Talk at Sound Thinking, Surrey Art Gallery

11/23/2018   Performance at the Pacific Spirit United Church, Vancouver

10/12/2018   Performance & Sound Installation at SPEKTRUM, Berlin

10/05/2018   Sound Installation at Global Composition, Darmstadt