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GEORGE RAHI    contact:   rahigeo (at) gmail.com


2019    MFA, Simon Fraser, School for the Contemporary Arts
2011    BA. Honours, University of British Columbia


2019    IN VITRO Sound Art Exhibition, Matera, Italy

2019    Regenerative Feedback Festival, WORM, Rotterdam
2019    jeita, Fusebox Festival, Austin
2019    Jogjakarta Noise Festival, Indonesia
2018    Music for the Augmented Pipe Organ, SFU School for the Contemporary Arts, Vancouver
2018    a thousand pounds of vibrating metal, Canadian Music Centre, Toronto
2018    no tree is untouched by the wind, SPEKTRUM, Berlin
2018    no tree is untouched by the wind, Global Composition, Darmstadt
2017    pulses // patterns, Western Front, Vancouver
2017    reorganized organ, VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver
2017    soundwalk, World New Music Days – International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM), Vancouver
2017    UBC Balinese Gamelan Ensemble, Barnett Hall, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
2016    Mechanical Music Festival,  Vancouver New Music, Vancouver
2016    midnight owl, Big Joy Festival, Vancouver
2016    intonarumori, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver
2016    Bass Piano Concert Series, Western Front, Vancouver
2015    Gamelan Bike Bike, Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Vancouver
2015    Speed Stunned Imaginations, Western Front, Vancouver
2014    Gamelan Bike Bike, Art Starts Gallery, Vancouver
2013    sound objects, Emily Carr Culture + Community Gathering, Vancouver
2013    New Music for Gamelan, Western Front, Vancouver
2013    Bali Tour with Gamelan Gita Asmara, Bali Indonesia


2018 – R. Murray Schafer Soundscape Award
2018 – Glenfraser Endowment Research Award in Acoustic Communication
2018 – Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Award
2017 – School for the Contemporary Arts Graduate Fellowship Award
2017 – Simon Fraser University Service Award
2016 – BC Arts Council – Media Arts Project Grant
2016 – ArtStarts Creative Spark Award
2015 – Vancouver Foundation Award


EMS (Elektronmusik Studion), Stockholm (2019)
Beyond Spectacle – SFU Institute for the Humanities (2017)
Hadden Park Field House – Vancouver Parks Board (2015-2018)


School for the Contemporary Arts – Simon Fraser University – 2017/2018
World Music – Teaching Assistant
Javanese Gamelan – Teaching Assistant

VIVO Media Arts Centre – 2017
Artistic Mentor for the ‘Reorganized Organ’ project.

Miscellaneous Productions – 2014 – 2015
Assistant Musical Director

Western Front – 2015
Facilitator of interdisciplinary art programs for youth