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Puppet Trike

The Puppet Trike is Vancouver’s mobile puppet theatre, showcasing original works of puppetry. This roving theatre takes puppets to the streets, delighting audiences in unexpected places.-

Puppet Trike


Speed Stunned Imaginations

Speed Stunned Imaginations is an original shadow play that explores themes of transportation, modern life, and new spatial imaginations. Developed over a period of 6 months, this work drew from the experiences and stories of youth in Vancouver. Participants came from the Aboriginal Focus School, Sir Charles Tupper Secondary, Lord Selkirk Elementary, Winston Churchill Secondary, and Britannia Secondary. Participants contributed stories, puppets, and music ideas informed by their experiences of mobility in their city.

Produced by the Western Front and in collaboration with Gamelan Bike Bike, Speed Stunned Imaginations premiered at the Roundhouse’s youth-week event on May 6, 2015, with an outdoor performance in Dude-Chilling Park on July 7, 2015


Cloth of Dreams

Cloth of Dreams is a magical shadow theatre where everyone is the performer and everyone is the audience. The Cloth of Dreams holds an array of shadow puppets, lanterns, and musical instruments. In darkness, the theatre becomes an open stage for spontaneous group improvisation and experimentation with shadow-play. Participants need little prompting, as the simplicity and familiarity of this ancient art form make it a fun and accessible medium for beginners. Featured at Tiny Lights Festival in 2014, Cloth of Dreams is the glowing ember of a shared dream, the interplay of light and shadows projected ever outward.

Cloth of Dreams - outside

Winter Solstice Shadow Play

Marking the darkest day of the year is a shadow play adapted from a folk tale that tells of how the sun hid away in a house until one day the world’s creatures come to visit, pleading with the sun to come out of hiding. The piece premiered in 2013 with Gamelan Bike Bike at the Winter Solstice Lantern Festival.

winter soltice shadow play